avatar_66dbcdc16f47_64avatar_66dbcdc16f47_64avatar_66dbcdc16f47_64 Have you taken time out in your day to just think, or ponder about something that you have never spent time thinking about before…..?

Like meditating but with a desired purpose of forming in your mind, an answer to a question or the “what if” of a situation that you faced.

Just recently there was indication from NASA that there were seven “planet like bodies” circling a star some 40 light years away from us. They claim that at least some may have water or forms of water available, and may support life.

It got me to thinking that if those planets are like earth, and some at least, have water or substance of life-giving properties, would it be so far-fetched to think that there might be people on those planets who have inhabited those planets for thousands of years.

You can RUMINATE  on that today, and who knows in the near future, what might happen.

John 10:16, Jesus says, “And I have other sheep, not of this fold;…”

Are we certain we are the only humans in the universe, or is it possible, that God created other types in other systems of the universe. I believe God “does as He pleases…” and it is within the boundaries of God to do that also. “All things are possible with God.”

On My Father’s Business,





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