If I asked you to reflect on what I am about to blog today, you know what I mean.  You understand that has a certain connotation to you.  So today I want you to reflect upon this blog


Reflect means:  “To give back or show an image of….”, “to be mirrored back to…”  Reflection is the “act of or the state of being reflected.”

When at the princess’ castle, I noticed in the still water below it, a beautiful reflection of the real castle all lit up.  It was not the real deal, but an image of it.  If you stirred up the water you would see nothing. THAT’S A REFLECTION….OF THE REAL.

Now, lets remove the castle.  I saw many “shanty houses” while moving about.  “A crudely built hut, cabin or house.”  They are mostly seen in the “deep south” and living in them are economically poorer people.  It might be 20 X 20 home with a porch on the front.  They are one level and built up on cinder blocks.

When I was in the service I went to stay with a buddy at his home in LA, down by Baton Rouge.  Bobby kept tell me, “I lay in bed at night, and see the stars.”  Sure enough, right above his bed, was a big hole in the roof, and you could see the stars at night. They had slat boards on the floor, and it made it easy on his mother to sweep, because all the dirt went through the cracks.  Of course, rodents went the other way through the cracks.  We had to step very carefully out onto the porch because it was falling off the house. It was up off the ground two to three feet on cinder blocks.

Take one of those houses and replace it in the missing Castle spot.  Remember, we removed the castle.  All about, is the beauty of this make believe world, and right in the center is this “shanty house” where the castle was, and now look at the water, the “shanty house” is reflected.  What kind of an image would that be for Disney?  Get the pic?


When I visited Martin Luther King’s home in Atlanta some years ago, right in the lawn, was  built a “reflecting pool.”  Guess where that idea came from?  Yep!  It was an accurate reproduction of the Reflection Pool in Washinton, D.C. It was to represent the “I have a Dream” speech.  That is a reflection different from the Disney reflection.  You cannot help remember D.C. mall when in Atlanta.


When I look at three of my four children (one child is adopted), I see a reflection of me in them.  It may be the way they talk, or walk, or mannerisms, or something they mirror back to me of my image.  That is reflections of a different kind, but similar.  What my children fail to realize is that I also see in them reflections of my Ex.  Everytime I am with anyone of the three, I see exhibitions of characteristics of my Ex.



A family with a child of “down syndrome” was on T.V. news.  The child was in special education, and evidently one female teacher had been abusing this child.  The father did not know this, but people in the school district did know this was going on but never reported it.  The father and mother finally found out, and the father said, “Sometime ago I noticed that (son’s name) didn’t want to go into the building.  He refused to go to school.  Usually, I am very aware of what is going on, but I totally missed this.”  The child was reflecting his “ill” feelings of going into the school because of what went on, and he could not explain it to anyone.

Victims of priests, pastors, doctors, police and all sorts of other people, have caused victims to stay away from them and the organizations they represent.  A person quits going to church, because of something that happened years ago.   A child does not go to family reunions because of someone who is there to bring back memories.

A policeman was caught robbing banks and other stores this week.  The chief of police said, “This reflects badly on our force.  THIS IS REFLECTIONS…SOMETHING WE DON’T ALWAYS UNDERSTAND, BUT DEEP DOWN IN SOMEONE IS A REFLECTION WHICH WON’T GO AWAY.  A BAD EXPERIENCE.

magical-weave-mirror This is also a reflection….but not a true representation.


II Corinthians 3:18 says, “But we all with unveiled face, beholding in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image …just as from the Lord, the Spirit.”  As we see in a mirror… We see the LORD JESUS CHIRST. We see that image and we are becoming more like that image daily.  Everytime we look in the mirror something else has changed in our lives.  Everything on our Journey is making us more like the Image of Jesus in our talk, in our walk, in relationship to others.  When we look closely at others, we can see reflections in them of this same Jesus.

II Cor. 4:4 says, “…Christ who is the image of God.”  This image reflected of Christ is really an image of God in the mirror.  As we look at the “shanty house” we begin to see changes in our lifes that begin to look like a castle.  Sometimes the process is slow, and hard but as we begin to see the change, we can be excited that our Journey is “paying off.”

The true goal then, is found in Galatians 2:20 “…it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me;…”  You should see a reflection in me of Christ.  REFLECT ON THESE THINGS!  HOW AM I DOING?  HOW ARE YOU DOING?

On my Father’s Business, a reflection of Christ,



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