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I wonder what you think about this…I was watching the news last night and I was so overwhelmed by “death stories” in one newscast. I wonder whether we should start a “Good News” show rather than what I saw.


The Toyota Car Manufacture is up against the wall for a “pedal” problem. It seems that the whole company has come to a standstill for the problem. They announced 18 deaths had taken place. I thought to myself, what a horrendous problem for Toyota over 18 deaths. Is the action Toyota has taken warranted by 18 deaths? Are we overreacting?


There was a story about Cancer. I’m almost certain that a story about cancer comes up every two or three days on the news. To be sure, there is a lot of cancer, and many who have it. We don’t seem to have been able to “stamp out” cancer, like we have other diseases. Now I hear that we have 1,500 (on average) deaths from Cancer everyday. Yes, that’s what I thought…1,500 people is a lot of people in one day. Yet, what stops us in our tracks, is not the 1,500 deaths yesterday, but the 18 deaths of the Toyota plight. What do you think of the amount of focus we put on 18, but not the same focus about the 1,500? Is there an “out of control” attitude we should have about these numbers?


Last night they reported in the same news about a man in testimony for himself, in defense of his killing Dr. Tiller. Dr. Tiller was known as the “late-term abortion Doctor.” The man on trial said that he was trying to stop all the deaths of babies who were being aborted at the hand of Dr. Tiller…therefore, his action of murdering Dr. Tiller was justified. He was doing God’s will in stopping the abortions. So I think to myself, if each state had one abortion clinic, and each clinic did one abortion a day, we would have 50 deaths in the U.S. everyday. It certainly does not amount to the same as all the people dying of Cancer, but it is more than the “pedal” problem at Toyota. Do you think that we have an “unbalanced idea” of what we should feel about the deaths of some, compared to the amounts of death for another reason?


Evidently, in Iraq there was a bombing and the killing of several people just recently. Are we upset about those Iraqis or has it just become so common place that we do not even flinch anymore?


PETA also made the news last night. It seems that with Ground Hog Day coming up and “PHIL” the ground hog is going to be coming out, for his yearly event; PETA is very concerned about all the flashbulbs that will be going off and upsetting the ground hog. The ones in charge said that “PHIL” gets treated better than most children in our society. WHAT? Is this possibly true? Should we save this “poor” ground hog from all the strain, and emotional problems he will suffer by not displaying him in front of all the cameras? Do we need those bright lights shining in his face causing insurmountable damage to his well-being?


The DOT Secretary came on last night to tell us that “truck drivers” will be fined a large sum of money if they are found to be talking on a phone, or text-messaging to others. Evidently, there are deaths that we are concerned about when it comes to truck drivers and I assume other persons in responsibility of transporting people. Why do we not make a law for ALL PEOPLE? Why is it that so many can continue to do these things and yet, we narrow the scope on just a few, who may be more responsible than the rest of us on the road.


The question isn’t about the fact that there are deaths, but I want to know what you feel about some of these issues that have to do with “OUR BEHAVIOR” on our Journey? Think of 1,500 people dying today because of Cancer and WHAT DO YOU SAY ABOUT THAT? Each news item had it’s weight based on itself, and yet when thinking through all those stories, I had a reaction about them of what am I doing about all these items? Do I think about what I can do to help? Do I want to buy a Toyota, or should my life be marked by taking the life of another because of my strong belief system?


A woman who is a nurse and came from Haiti years ago, took all the sick days and time she could get off, and went to help those who are in need in Haiti. A TV news woman from Duluth, a nurse, quit her job (effective this weekend) and will be going over to help all the people of Haiti.

I don’t know if I should be more concerned about “PHIL” or Haiti? I don’t know if Cancer should have been eradicated by now, or if there are good alternatives to the abortion clinics of our society, but I do know, we give different levels of interest and concern for all these different issues in our society? So what is it that you are most concerned for and what in your life in the next 3-5 days will you begin to concentrate on?

So as you continue on your Journey today, what is your reaction to these various concerns of our world? How can you make a difference (small as it may seem) for those on the Journey with you? Can you do something about these things or other things that are around you?

I would like to encourage you to consider these things, and in the light of what I have said, you might be stimulated (a stimulus package) to do something new, bold, or refreshing for yourself and to others.

On My Father’s Business, my own stimulus package,


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