MOURN! Do you ever “mourn” for someone or about something? I mean really mourn? I think it’s an emotional outburst that many of us don’t ever think about, but I know of times when we just break into “mourning.” “GOD BLESSES THOSE WHO MOURN!” FUNERALS In the Jewish Culture, when someone dies those in charge would hire women to sit in the back of the room and mourn. They would cry, wail and carry on in such a way that those who came to pay their “last respects” would break into mourning. These women would force upon others, this “mourning or grieving” process to enable others to vent their sorrow, and then get on with life. My cousin related to me recently that when my dad died, she remembered hearing her father (my dad’s brother) just break out in sobs…crying. That wasn’t a “put on” display, it was from the heart of a man who was broken. He truly “mourned” for the death of his brother. During that same time just prior to the funeral, at my mom’s home, many of our relatives came to the house. As they were gathering, (many coming from some distance) I remember going up to my dad and mom’s bedroom, lying on the bed and just sobbing for the death of my dad. After several minutes of this, I got up, washed my face and went down and met my relatives. My time for mourning was over. There is a time to laugh and a time to mourn. Times call for extreme brokenness and mourning is part of that. Do you mourn? Have you ever thought of it? MOURNERS Matthew 5:4 says, “God blesses those who mourn, for they will be comforted.” Who are those who mourn? Surely, we can consider all those who lose loved ones. I have down many funerals for babies and little children, and I don’t think there is a harder moment in time than watching the parents of a child in a process of “mourning.” They truly become broken, with answers that make no sense at all. Long after we have left and resumed our lives, they continue to “mourn.” GOD SAYS, I WILL BLESS THOSE WHO MOURN, BY BRINGING THEM COMFORT IN THEIR STATE. We can know that God desires (in time) to reduce that pain, by comforting them in their loss. DEEPER MOURNING Jesus was aware of a much “deeper mourning.” A grieving or mourning that goes on all around us. The greek word “pentheo” means to “mourn” or grieve…..for the sinful nature that we find ourselves constantly hearing about. This is deeper in that our eyesight begins to see the terrible plight of mankind as we walk our Journey. It is to see with our eyes the destructive nature of mankind towards mankind. Mourn, Jesus says, because of the power of the wicked who oppress the righteous man. Grieve or Mourn for: The prostitute (male or female)–Do you ever stop to think of how they got to this point? Was it a priest/pastor; a doctor or school teacher…who did something to them early on? Was it a father, uncle, brother, cousin or someone who they would have to acknowledge for the rest of their lives? DO YOU MOURN FOR THEM? The disabled–Do you ever stop to think of the destruction of their body in some way to make them unable to function like you can? Was it sin that caused it? Was it something (medicine) taken during formation? DO YOU MOURN FOR THEM? The products of war/crime–Do you ever think of all the Vietnam Vets who are still hiding out in the “jungles” of Washington/Oregon/Idaho states or other places who are still fighting the war? Do you ever think of the man or woman who has seen war up close in Irag/Afghan. and comes back shocked into a new and different life? See the movie “Brothers” and it gives you this picture. DO YOU MOURN FOR THEM? The victims of scams–Do you ever think of the scam artists in our land (Bernie Madeoff, etc.) who take advantage of others in order to make themselves richer…than when someone looks him in the eye and says, “Is my money safe?” He says, “Yes!” All the while knowing it has disappeared? DO YOU MOURN FOR THEM? Victims of crimes—Do you think of all the innocent victims which have died at the hands of those who just want to hurt someone? DO YOU MOURN FOR THEM? CAN YOU GO ON FROM HERE…CAN YOU TAKE A MOMENT AND CONSIDER THE PLIGHT OF THE HUMAN BEINGS AROUND YOU AND SEE THE CONDITIONS OF THIS WORLD, AND “MOURN FOR YOUR FELLOW MAN/WOMAN? JESUS MOURNS FOR US Luke 19:41-44 Jesus mourns for Jerusalem. He literally “WEEPS!” He comes toward Jerusalem, and looks over it, and “WEEPS!” As we came into JERUSALEM FOR THE FIRST TIME, our bus driver stopped and we got out. As I looked over the heart of that great city, I remembered the emotion Jesus had for the city. HE WEPT! He could see the distruction that was to take place, and it broke his heart. Have you ever looked out over the group of a people such as: prostitutes, alcoholics, drug users, teenagers who commit murder, those who ravage the lives of children, those who scam old people, those who keep the poor, “impoverished.” Do you ever think of the gays and mourn? Do you ever think of all the people who are kept in jobs with no hope for tomorrow while the people on top get richer at their expense? The victims of natural disasters? HOW MUCH DO YOU MOURN FOR YOUR FELLOW JOURNEY MATE? HOW MUCH DO YOU STOP AND THINK OF THE PLIGHT OF A CHILD WHO HAS BEEN MOLESTED BY A GROWN-UP AND NOW HAS TO FEND FOR THEMSELVES? DO YOU MOURN FOR THOSE WHO CANNOT FIND THEIR WAY ON THE JOURNEY…THOSE WHO ARE LOST? Look deep into the eyes of a person and consider how their life would have been different if only………? How much would have changed if they had been shown the compassion of a man or woman who wept for them? GOD BLESSES THOSE WHO MOURN, FOR THEY SHALL BE COMFORTED! MOURN FOR THOSE WHO ARE LESS BLESSED THAN YOU TODAY! CONSIDER THE JOURNEY OF ANOTHER WHO IS LESS FORTUNATE THAN YOU! MOURN FOR THOSE WHO NEED AND YOU WILL BE BLESSED BY BEING COMFORTED. On My Father’s Business, comforted by what I see, Love, Dean Leave a Comment Posted in Bible Studies, Biblical truths, Christian Walk, Christianity, Daily Devotions, Devotions, encouragement, Faith, God, Good News, Growth in Christ, Jesus, Journey support, Quiet Time, Spiritual, The Way of Christ, Theology, Uncategorized, Word of God, Words to Encourage!

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