victorinox-41010-11-1-2-3-way-honing-systemimages31gsbuifqvlYou might recognize these!

Proverbs 27:17 says, “Iron sharpens Iron; so one man sharpens another man.”

How does one man sharpen another man?

You have heard, “No man is an island….” and I bet you know “It takes a village….” So this is about Your Journey and My Journey.

Spending time with someone in “face-time,” where you get a chance to talk about things that are important to each of you, is so vital and important today in Our Journey. THE WAY to accomplish this is over a drink, food, or some event you might attend together.

You get to share things of your past and your present, and how you see the future. Because of THE WAY I Journey, I need someone else to talk with so that I can see and hear the right directions I need to go. I have friends that I meet up with every so often, to discuss our paths, and how we see life “today” and where our paths are leading us.

Sometimes, we can get off course, and we need someone to say, “If you do that…this will happen!” Sometimes we just need someone to tell us to continue on the way we are going.

Last week, I met with someone, who had an experience just the night before. He told me what he heard and saw, in a meeting of people, and in writing down those thoughts that he had at the time, he shared them with me.

He was, indirectly asking me to help him see the path in an overgrown wooded area. By speaking out about the meeting, he is looking to consider taking another step in that direction, but he wants to make sure, if is safe and secure to go on that path.

Watch Out! You don’t want to stumble….clearing the brush around you, will help you in your steps, every step of THE WAY!


On My Father’s Business,


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