What does center actually mean?  Well, it might be the center of the road, not too far to the left and not to far to the right.  “He was driving down the center of Highway 10.” This could be dangerous, if you “crossed the center line.”

It might be a small town in Eastern Texas. “I live in Center, Texas.” “Where did you grow up?” “I grew up in Center, Texas” you respond. It is not in the center of Texas, but the center of Shelby County, about 17 miles from Louisiana. How many cities are in the center of counties? Where is the center of the United States?

“The center of your problem, is selfishness, Horatio.” Everything that is wrong with you, can be focused on one simple thing. Maybe it is the center of one’s life, like family relationships. A crisis center, is a place where one hopefully can find help.

I like the caramel centers in the Chocolate Candies; or the Chocolate Cream-filled Danish pastry. But I don’t like people who are politically in the center, neither conservative nor liberal. Too far, one way or the other, may be extreme!

“Make sure you center that picture on the wall, Mabel!” But if you have been asked to present at the Academy Awards, you will want to make sure to stand on the mark, and not necessarily “center stage.”

But “keeping centered” really means knowing where the balance is in life. It is not too extreme and yet, knowing what is important and what is not important.

An old proverb says, a “false balance and unrighteous dealings are extremely offensive…” and when you think of that, you know this can create a problem when dealing with someone who is “out of balance.”

It goes on and says, “When swelling and pride come, then emptiness and shame come also; but with the humble–those who are lowly, (those who are primed and chiseled by trials) and they can renounce self–this is skillful and godly Wisdom and soundness.” Prov. 11:1-2

I seek to be a wise man, rather than an arrogant and self-centered man. Keeping centered and balanced in my life, takes time, thought, and insight, but it yields a person of worth. It’s knowing what I need to center my thoughts on in order to make me that kind of person, and striving to act like that in my daily Journey.

Centered On My Father’s Business,










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