In the Midwest this week, we have been hearing about this gigantic snow storm, leaving as much as 10-16″ of snow dumped on is.  The weather people have been on this for a week, and one even said, “I think “there is an 80% chance of 6″ or more by Friday.”

It is noon on Friday, and not a snowflake on the ground. Last night we got what might be considered “an inadequate trace” but we are without, this morning. How wrong could those people be?

I laugh, because they are not fortune-tellers, they are simply people “doing their job.” But as they do their jobs with all the equipment, and insights they have and others around them, they basically come up short, many times in a week, month or year.

Would you keep your job if you were only accurate 30-50% of the time?  Would you be allowed to…

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